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Working Collaboratively to Deliver Results

In Performance, Relationship, Cost

and Contract Management 

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Founded in Jan. 2005, Danforth International's identity was born out of passion for real partnership and teamwork to align and share growth strategy. True consulting, operating with a two-way philosophy has led to Discovery, Intelligence, and Innovation with problem solving and the greatest value, ROI. Danforth International is a firm that specializes in performing detailed and in-depth business analysis. Our core focus includes: Vendor/Sourcing Management, Relationship/Project Management, Information Technology, Strategy and Operational Management analysis. We provide complete organizational evaluations and assessments for domestic and international clients. Our program will control cost, drive service excellence and mitigate risk to gain increased value. Danforth International Inc. is a minority-owned company.


Ken Danforth, President/Chief Consultant

As President/Chief Consultant of Danforth International Inc., Ken specializes in operation strategy and structure, which includes: vendor management evaluations and assessments while organizing processes in every agreement and contract.

Ken's career spans over 20 years as a technology executive and consultant within industries including Technology, Insurance, Telecom, Legal and Healthcare. Early in his career Ken was appointed Senior Director of Corporate IT at Transcend Services, a medical outsourcing firm. Within six months he was promoted to his first executive role as Chief Information Officer. Later, Ken joined Inteliant Corp. as Sr. Consultant where he led a $23 million project for AT&T. Accepting a new challenge, Ken was asked to lead the technology behind ePolicy.com, an internet start-up. Then pursuing another passion, he went on to become a PGA Professional for several years.

In his current capacity as President/Chief Consultant, Ken has positioned Danforth International work to focus on building, defining and developing client/vendor relationships while protecting crucial assets. Ken holds a B.S. Degree in Business/Financial Management from Clemson University. Ken currently resides in Dallas Texas.

Board of Directors

Larry Upton, CEO, Edioma Inc. Austin TX
G. Scott Dillon, President/CEO, MEDS, St. Louis MO
Steven Prestash, President, ACG North America, Bristol CT
Allison Wynne Best, VP, Santa Monica Convention/Visitors Bureau, Santa Monica CA
Steve B. Griffin, Director Human Resources, Alcoa Inc, Hampton VA


Danforth Intl © 2010

Working Collaboratively to Deliver Results

In Performance, Relationship, Cost

and Contract Management 

Danforth ExpertiseExpertise

Danforth International performs organization/vendor evaluations and assessments that will deliver guaranteed savings of resources and organize processes to capture those savings throughout every vendor agreement and contract. We maintain consistently high standards.

Client Focused
We organize our processes and network to specifically meet the business outcomes and performance needs of each client.

Experienced & Practical
We bring expertise, knowledge, cost savings and a continual improvement mindset to keep our services aligned with our client's changing business conditions. We focus on performance measurements and strong working relationships to keep your outsourced relationships robust.

Perform assessments and evaluations of potential BPO/Vendor Management/Out-of-Control organizations.

Strategize and Plan, define the structure, roles/responsibilities and resources to support long-term vendor management.

Assess Current State, review acquisition/disposition processes, outsourcing contracts, SLAs, performance metrics, and scorecards, to identify improvements for a more effective, efficient and consistent vendor management.

Assess Competencies, review/develop optimal strategy, operations and processes to support the vendor life cycle, contract management, relationship management, performance management and risk management.

Operate/Evolve, use assessment and industry data to track vendor management operations/success. Adjust the discipline approach based on operational results, enterprise risk and changing business needs.

Other Solutions include:

  • Establish best value agreements using proven contract and performance management capabilities.
  • Implement standard Contract Templates and Communication Strategy.
  • Create a comprehensive change management plans that addresses all stages of the client-vendor relationship. (Risk, Disruptions, Impact, etc)
  • Major Quality Improvement Programs.
  • Consolidation of existing contracts through new SLAs, SOWs and renegotiation, into master contracts.
Danforth Intl © 2010

Working Collaboratively to Deliver Results

In Performance, Relationship, Cost

and Contract Management 



Telecommunications ~ Healthcare ~ Technology ~ Legal ~ Real Estate ~ Insurance


Danforth International was built to serve any industry. Experience brings a strategic and practical perspective on what works and what doesn’t. Having profound knowledge, insight and most of all experience, are the fundamental aspects to be competitive and up to the challenges that are constant in a truly global world.

The scope of our work varies from local and regional to national and global. We work with CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers across Operations, IT, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning Functions.

Danforth International focuses on addressing client issues, provide solutions and most important, your Return-on-Investment.



January 2010, Danforth International signs consulting agreement with Alectrum Inc.

April 2010, Danforth International signs Project Management contract with The Beasley Law Group of Richmond California

May 2010, Danforth International signs consulting agreement with Edioma Inc.

President/Chief Consultant, Ken Danforth of Danforth International will be guest speaker at ALA Luncheons in North Dallas TX, Austin TX, Oklahoma City OK, and Houston TX.


Danforth Intl © 2010

Working Collaboratively to Deliver Results

In Performance, Relationship, Cost

and Contract Management 

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